Terms & Conditions

I, being the parent or legal guardian of the child hereon registered permit Hockey Hi-Lites Inc. and their staff to seek out and obtain any necessary medical attention in the case of accident or injury during the program. It is further agreed that the operator of this hockey program is released from and all claims from damage that may arise from any accident, injury, damage, or loss, which is caused by or arises from the participation of the applicant hereon during the program or in any location where the program is being held.

I allow Hockey Hi-Lites Inc. the right to use photographs, voice, personal characteristics, and other personal identification of the child hereon registered in any digital, videotape, sound and audio-visual recordings in any way in any and all manner and media, without limitation, in productions and in connection with the advertising and promotion of Hockey Hi-Lites Inc.

I understand, all programs/events are fully refundable, less a $40.00 administration fee providing the cancellation is requested 30 days prior to the scheduled programs/event starting. After 30 days prior to the first programs/event starting, a $20.00 administration fee will apply and cancellations will only be considered for medical reasons.  Documentation will be required.