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Private/Small Group Training Sessions

We run comprehensive sessions designed to reach a player’s full potential in a low player-to-coach ratio. Sessions can focus on specific skills or any combination of skills you wish to improve on. We take pleasure in developing a meaningful relationship with each player to achieve success. 

  • A training atmosphere focused on your specific needs
  • Personal attention and focus
  • Faster skill development
  • Positive learning environment
  • Succeed without unwanted pressure
  • Flexible scheduling

Team Training Sessions

Whether you desire to improve individual skill development or assist with tactical team strategies – use our diverse lesson plans to achieve your team’s goals. We take pride in enhancing your players’ skillsets and overall team performance.  

  • Encourage the coaching staff to participate in sessions
  • Provide constructive feedback to the coaching staff
  • Support developmental progress throughout the season
  • Positive change in the instructional atmosphere
  • Flexible scheduling

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