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Hockey Hi-Lites has an outstanding staff of experienced coaches, all with excellent teaching credentials. They have unmatched skills, and quality leadership and instruction. We offer a variety of programs, all geared towards specific goals to challenge our players, regardless of their skill level.

We succeed by establishing high standards for all students. Our blend of maximizing ice use, positive reinforcement, one-on-one attention, and high intensity, encourages each student to reach their maximum potential.

The program curriculum is led by a low 4:1 player to Instructor ratio. This provides our players with a complete and innovative hockey experience. 

Player Development Programs

More player development opportunites will be annouced soon!

Selecting a Hockey School

When hockey season comes to an end, parents and players will consider various development camp opportunities to participate in during the off-season. Spring and summer are the best times of the year to positively influence the development of your player and enhance their skillset. It’s important to consider which programs can increase a child’s confidence, while also bringing out their full potential.

What makes a good development camp?

Respectable schools will focus on hockey-specific skating, technique instruction, individual skill development, player development, and practical teaching (not just “doing”). It’s also important to look for a school that promotes small groups of players (low player to instructor ratio), and most importantly, schools that have experienced, skilled instructors.

Quality instructors are, without a doubt, the most important factor when selecting a hockey school. The most productive learning environment is when players can first see a skill illustrated, hear it explained, and then be given the opportunity to perform it themselves.