High Tempo Drills & Small Area Games

$160.00 + HST

This program is assured to jump start the skaters physical and mental skills in preparation for fall tryouts.

August 26, 28 & 30, 2024

Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Limited to 24 players per age group.

What To Expect

The energy created with high tempo flow drills, or overspeed drills, forces a skater to move their feet faster, pass faster, shoot faster and read & react faster than their respective comfort zone. The combination of high tempo flow drills and small area games is a powerful catalyst for challenging all players to achieve their maximum potential, enhancing their skill set, and boosting their hockey IQ. Benefits of small area games:
  1. All-Ages Appeal: These games benefit players of all ages and skill levels. They instinctively encourage players to work harder, stay in constant motion, handle the puck, and experience game-like scenarios.
  2. Engaging Fun: Small Area Games are a source of pure enjoyment. The competitive and fun nature of participating in these games appeals to players of all ages and skill levels.
  3. Heightened Intensity: The small area game atmosphere naturally promotes a competitive spirit, elevating the level of play.
  4. Decision-Making Emphasis: Players are compelled to focus on their decision-making skills and adapt to game-like situations.
  5. Teamwork: Small Area Games emphasize the need for effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal, among players. This teamwork is essential for success.
  6. Skill Reinforcement: These games not only reinforce fundamental skills such as skating, passing, puck control, and shooting but also emphasize core concepts and habits within gameplay. For instance, offensive players are encouraged to create time and space, while defensive players are encouraged to limit their opponents' time and space.
  7. Application of Skills: Players learn to apply the new skills they acquire in a game-like atmosphere.
  8. Increased Puck Touches: Small Area Games offer more opportunities for players to handle the puck and pass it. This enhanced puck-handling and passing experience, even in traffic, accelerates skill development.
  9. Inclusivity: Multiple players are actively involved in various game-like scenarios, ensuring engagement and participation.
  10. Encouragement of Creativity: The small area game setting encourages creative thinking and problem-solving among all participants.
4.5 total hours of ice time.