Cross-Ice Challenge

$45.00 + HST

Join us on Family Day for a Cross-Ice tournament. A smaller playing surface creates more puck battles, quicker passes, and more shots on goal. It also exposes goalies to a wide variety of game scenarios such as pass-outs to the slot area, cross-crease passes, screens and deflections.

Request to play with two friends and join a team as a line!

February 20, 2023

U11 – 9:15AM – 10:45AM
U13 – 10:45AM – 12:15PM

Each team will consist of 9 skaters & 1 goalie. 4 teams per age group.

What To Expect

Teams will play 2 games in a 90-minute time slot. Each game will be 36 minutes in length. (Winners of the first game, will play each other in game two. Losers of the first game will play each other in game two). Players will also receive an HHL 3-on-3 Cross-Ice Jersey.

Benefits of Cross-Ice Hockey

  • More puck battles = more opportunities to sharpen skills.
  • Goalies see more shots and more opportunities to read & react to a wide variety of game scenarios.
  • Less time and space require quicker mental and physical reactions.
  • Everyone is engaged in a FUN enjoyable atmosphere.

Rules Summary

  • No body contact
  • No face-offs
  • There is no icing or offside
  • Games are 36-minute in length with a run-time clock.
  • Penalty shots will be credited for all non-coincidental penalties and taken after the game.
  • View the full rules of play