Built For Goalies

$395.00 + HST

Focusing on all goaltending fundamentals and advanced modern techniques to elevate their game and accomplish their saves.

July 22 - 26, 2024

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Limited to 18 goalies.

What To Expect

This specialized program provides quality goaltending training in a low 3:1 goalie/coach environment to challenge the goalies to reach their full potential. Shooters will help goalies understand hockey IQ and how shooters think in specific scoring scenarios. The shooters are vital to the program and understand their responsibility to help with goaltender development.
  • Skating - Crease movements, lateral work, post integration
  • On - ice positioning - net to puck angle technique "box control"
  • Glove, blocker, head movement & puck tracking
  • Stick deflection & shot coverage/recovery
  • Stick saves & skate saves
  • Read & react to puck
  • Poke check & recovery
  • Rebound control
  • Puck handling & passing
  • Read & react to screen shots
  • Movement behind net to assist defense
  • Breakaway techniques
10 hours of total ice time. Enrollment will also include extra shooting time at HHL camps.